The Spicytrader team has studied the stock exchange and cryptocurrency markets for several years in order to create the best script for Tradingview able to adapt to every market (Forex, Crypto, indices, commodities) .

The script was developed exclusively for the Tradingview platform (free registration).

The script combines perfectly with various indicators (Ichimoku, moving averages, stochastics, RSI etc.) and offers a very efficient market reading by giving the best buy and sell signals to complement your strategy.

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One week free then 39USD / month

Live market analysis

View the script working in live with the following analyzes of FOREX pairs, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Market data is provided by the Tradingview platform.

How does the script work ?

In this demonstration we keep things simple. We added the script on Graph 1 and added two moving averages on Graph 2 visualized with a larger time interval in order to understand the general context and momentum.

Combine the Spicytrader script with ICHIMOKU , BOLLINGER BANDS , STOCHASTIC , RSI or any other indicators for a deep analysis.

It is working on any time interval: From 1 minute to 1 month. 


  • Chart 1: EUR/USD Week
  • Chart 2: EUR/USD Month  
  • Green arrow: LONG (Buy)
  • Red arrow: SHORT (Sell)

Risk management

  • Stop loss: Above/below the blue channel (Chart 1) 
  • Take profit: Minimum ratio 1:1.5 

How to use the script

  • Chart 1 : The Spicytrader script gives the signal and the perfect timing to enter in position.
  • Chart 2 : Confirmation with general context / momentum. Example : Price cross and bounce on MA20 or MA7 
  • Filter : Add a moving average 100 to filter your trade and get a higher number of good trades.
  • It is essential to implement a methodology before interpreting a buy or sell signal. For example, before market opening you can identify all areas of support and resistance as well as identify whether the market is in trend or range.

Click to try the script

One week free then 39USD / month

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